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Long time friends Steve Nordhoff, Laurie Gray and Dean Gray had been coming to the Napa
Valley from their homes in Orange County for years; enjoying the restaurants and buying
boutique wines while visiting with their winery friends and winemakers. In 2005 Dean and
Laurie purchased a home in Rutherford near the Napa River (Riverain). One night, after a
memorable dinner at Press with friend Thomas Brown, the idea came to create a brand of
their own. Thomas told them about a great vineyard he was working with in Oakville that
was coming available and the next day the four of them walked the Tench Vineyard next to
Screaming Eagle, signed the contract and Riverain was born. 

Today, they produce around 600 combined cases of that same Tench Vyyd, Cabernet along with a Silver Eagle Pinot Noir on the Sonoma Coast and Sauvignon Blanc form the Gamble Ranch in Yountville, labeled using Laurie Gray’s photographs. 

This is an absolute “rockstar” producer and we are thrilled to be representing them..

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