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In spring of 2003, Jeff Strauss & Mindy Schultheis (both Veteran tv producers) purchased the former “Kitty Hawk” Vineyards. 18 acres of vines planted in rocky slopes of Mount Veeder at an elevation between 900 and 1,100 feet. as fate would have it, the vineyard also
brought him winemaker Charles Thomas, who was curious to meet the new owner of the vineyard where he had made wine early in his career. Strauss and Thomas hit it off, becoming great friends as well as business partners. Thomas is one of Napa’s winemaking stars
whose provenance includes Opus One, Lokoya, Cardinale, Verite, Rudd and Quintessa. Thomas and his wife Lili Hsi-Thomas, a wine-business veteran, are now partners with Strauss and Schultheis. Together they have produced five vintages of wine.