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Don Baumhefner, sommelier, winemaker, bon vivant began Chateau Beaux Hauts in the 1980’s while working with Joseph Swan at his namesake winery. Encouraged by the results
of these first vintages Don found Russian River Pinot Meunier and produced the first En Tirage with the 1990 vintage and a follow up 1992 bottling. A first, every few months and then year after year, Don would disgorge a bottling to see if it was ready for release. 21
years after that first vintage Don finally felt the wines were ready to release. These first vintages were a landmark, with the great Michael Broadbent equating the 1992 to a late disgorged Bollinger. Fast forward and Don has at last released his follow up vintages with a Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noir from Beckstoffer’s “Las Amigas Vnyd.” in Carneros.