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Caterwaul was conceived in 2014 by Thomas Rivers Brown and Matt Hardin along with Matt’s wife Alicia (Regusci) Hardin. The story goes that Thomas and Matt met at Regusci winery and rode around each block looking for what they considered to be the best on the ranch focusing on a section of “Block 3” where volcanic rock from the Vaca Range mixes with the alluvial soils deposited from the Napa River, and more specifically the center of Block 3 where a section of 15 year old Cabernet clone 15 was planted. This near forgotten clone was reported to originate in Bordeaux and is known for amazingly low yields. The original vintages of Caterwaul were only from these vines where 6 barrels were made.

 Beginning in 2016, the partners began incorporating Cabernet from the Hardin Estate vineyard in Pope Valley and for the 2017 vintage two wines were made. A Napa blend solely from the Hardin Estate and a second bottling exclusively of the Regusci Block 3 section that started it all. 

The wine’s striking label was created by Michael Kirts.